For low-grade timber sales to break even or turn a profit you need steady, local demand for the wood. Fewer buyers are active, quotas are lower and prices are weaker.

Good sale income is needed to pay for planning, equipment and manpower to regenerate stands, remove ladder fuel, salvage storm damaged or insect killed trees or enhance biodiversity.

Why team with RPG?
We have worked in forestry for over three decades. Of that, 20 years included biomass energy, buying and selling timber, chips and hogged fuel. We share that experience helping land managers, wood products firms, loggers and foresters build business and improve profits.


Many loggers and foresters resist the “big project” approach to bioenergy. Simple economics justifies the reaction and we can help find local markets that limit high freight expenses.

Give RPG a call and see what may be possible where you work and practice. Let us help you find methods to achieve stand management and sales goals with reduced expense and risk.

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