John Karakash

John T. Karakash

M.F. Registered Forester

Founder and manager, Resource Professionals Group.
Consultants and writers on renewable energy and forest resource utilization for business, industry, government and institutions.

Book Energy in Waiting: The Clean Energy Source No One Wanted, In research phases

Master of Forestry degree from the Duke University School of Forestry, 1977.
Bachelor of Arts, Gettysburg College, 1970.

17 years as Manager, woody biomass fuel for non-utility power generation facilities
10 years as Manager, energy conservation education and technical assistance program under Pennsylvania Energy Center system
15 years as a Forestry consultant, private client work specializing in stand improvement
5 years as Instructor of forestry, North Carolina public schools

Relevant Accomplishments:
Wood Energy as Forest Improvement Mechanism: Organized and co-led week-long tour of Austrian renewable energy sites including advanced wood combustion systems, and managed forests from which they are affordably fueled, for combined group of 14 American energy and forestry professionals representing three universities, federal and state government, private business and forest landowners.

Conceived and managed study-survey asking building and energy design professionals about their understanding of wood as a modern energy source.

Application of wood energy in public buildings: Introduced concept and guided research as school district considered, then implemented (1987 decision) the first modern wood fired district heating system in Pennsylvania public schools.

Complete list of publications and presentations available on request.

Professional Registration, Affiliations:
North Carolina Registered Forester, # 408, Society of American Foresters, Forest Guild, PA Council of Professional Foresters, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, Pennsylvania Forest Products Association, North Carolina Forestry Association.